Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slow down and enjoy the scenery

traveling, Fast, slow and in between.
Once I drove across Utah at 100 mph and it did not seem fast enough, since where I wanted to be was still far away, and I was impatient to be there. Reckless comes to mind.
Some days I drive S L O W - especially slow if there is snow or ice on the roads, still I cover a mile ever two minutes.  It gives me time to think, pray reflect, or just zone out. we call it windshield time.
Then I found that in sailing my boat you go slow at 3 miles and hour and fast is probably seven miles in an hour. To get somewhere 12 miles away may take 3 hours depending on wind, and sea conditions. So i slowed down even more, and learned to listen to the water, the sound of the boat, and the birds flying over head.  this is called forced relaxation.
This summer I took it to a new level of slow travel, once the most common means of human transport, now replaced by wheeled things, jets and even rockets into space.  I took a pack upon my back and walked some 55 miles and averaged only 1.5 miles per hour, but captured 6 or more images per mile and made a thousand memories along the way.
I continue to grow in my love for this place, but also to once in a while venture out to experience the rest of life, and then return here. I am writing now, and that seems REALLY slow with just four fingers and two thumbs involved, but still it is my writing, my use of this time God gave me, and it will endure and give testimony to the path that I walked, the lessons I learned from the God I seek to serve with my whole heart.

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