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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept 11, 2001 Never forget

as part of project 2996 I am Honoring:

Francisco Alberto Liriano who was at the WTC

you were 32 - your life was just coming into its fullness
you had many reasons to be glad that day
Your strong wife, your beautiful daughter
and a job at the top of the world.
They took that away, but they did not
take away the memory of what a beautiful person you were.
Your family misses you today, and every day
and all America mourns the 2996.
May you rest in peace, Francis.

In the night when the sirens sound
on the street below
I pray for someone
that I do not know

Lord help the rescuer
and the one needing help
get them through this time
let them know how much you love them.

I have my life
others do not
I hug my kids
but this man may not

Make me know the greatness
of the gift of life
and the joy of living in a great nation
full of beautiful strong people.

God, Bless America!

remember all 2996 of the fallen
in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93
please pray for the families and friends who are missing their loved ones.
Remind others, so our fellow citizens know
this terrible thing will not be allowed to
become '"Just another disaster"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

this one caught my eye

i couldn't help but wonder what my dad would think

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Amazing love, how can it be

Eternity in time sized chunks

There is such joy in knowing that I am an eternal being as I lay here not asleep and half dream of a thousand nonsensical things. I do not need to go back ward into the dark or forward to find light. All are connected to me in the warm safe comfortable instant when I feel only the weight of my body pressing down on the mattress, hear only the tick of a clock measuring my breath like a cosmic metronome, and when my eyes choose to open, see the barest hint of gray in the pre-dawn sky.
You are with me, and I exist in you. Because you made me to go on, I will. Since you know where we are going I am not afraid. It was you, Father, who brought me through the many days of complete ignorance, you are also well able to complete me in these days of utter awareness. I can finally be! My completion, my wholeness and my spiritual health was never dependent on me, but on you.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

le Shed

built with three helpers in one day
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

my favorite Husky

Camera Critters blog is here

Friday, June 05, 2009

sky watch friday

sky's were gray but this silver leaf maple was glorious
Skywatch friday is HERE for you to enjoy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


what a word, and what a concept!
I believe it is transforming to realized that Now is
Then was, and Later may or may not be,
but My magnificent NOW is the best it has ever been and is filled with
the Goodness of God and the power of me, meeting up against or in tune with all of the natural surroundings and the human elements that inhabit my world.

Let me give you a sample of my Now, and then I will take Now into my work world.

Right Now I have my mom
Right Now I have a healthy body and ( some would say) a sound mind
Right Now I have bright sunshine and amazing mountains lavishing their warmth on me
Right Now I am loved by family, friends, and my beautiful children
Right Now I see the way God's grace has strengthened me for this moment
Only Now can I use my mind, body and talents for good and for the purpose that God has for me

I can not fix or change what was THEN, I tried and failed back then to be, do and say the perfect combination of things that would make me 'right'. When I think about then, I see what was missing, what was wrong or what could have been. Loss, pain and disappointment for me were there in the past, but have no place right now.
Similarly, the future is a fool's guessing game. How many had it all figured out two years ago but now can not see how they will make it work today? too many I fear. No one of us has a guarantee of ten more days on the earth or ten more years.
we only have Now, and we should seek the strength to know what that means.

and Now, I have to go to work, more on this......... ( you guessed it) .... Later!

sorry about all those past posts where I did not understand this and whined, or complaiined

Sunday, May 17, 2009

garden progress

Blue things ( no name) near split rail cedar fence
a rail road tie creates a front form for a new bed
crab apple crazy blooms

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quote to ponder

Omar N. Bradley
(1893 - 1983)
American general

" We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected
the Sermon on the Mount."

Address, Armistice Day , 1948

you may click the quote for the full speech

Thursday, February 19, 2009

how many of us feel like this?

Snake Eyes...

A old snake goes to see his Doctor.

"Doc, I need something for my eyes...can't see well these days." The Doc fixes him up with a pair of glasses and tells him to return in 2 weeks.

The snake comes back in 2 weeks and tells the doctor he's very depressed.

Doc says, "What's the problem...didn't the glasses help you?"

"The glasses are fine doc, I just discovered I've been living with a water hose the past 2 years!"

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my day in pictures

swordfish, portabella mushrooms, shrimp, zuccini, and nectarines (all grilled)
with asparagus and then cheescake

Almost shoveled out of 18 inches

Chester has a path to 'the loo'
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Having fun in the kitchen

good cooking
good food and
proper nutrition
help to make life better.
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Friday, January 30, 2009

kicking up his heels

Otis is a wild boy, and so handsome
Camera critters is here, visit and say hello

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Camera critters ( meme)


an old dog,
but an old friend
( incontinent at the end, eewwwww)

go to Camera Critters
link there post an animal pic and
join the fun

Friday, January 23, 2009

A book I recommend to friends.

ah the Mythical beast pushmepullyou

of which I have been a part too many times

if you don't recall it is a living lesson about dysfunctional relationships
when it gets to the point where two people are indistinguishable, you likely have lost all hope of keeping on in a sensible direction. Inevitably ones strengths will moderate the others weaknesses, but if not kept in balance, the more yielding partner sees a lot of the world receding as He or she walks thorough life backwards, being dragged where the dominant set of legs wants to go.

Please read: Too Nice for Your Own Good: Nine self sabotaging mistakes. ( author name)

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