Wednesday, February 28, 2007

without rain

" without rain there would be no rainbows
without hurt we would not know what healing was."

When I consider the span of my life
I am closer to the end than the beginning
but the end will be much more glorious
not because I am more self aware
but because God has allowed me to be
at least minimally 'God aware'.

If sunsets only prove therories of light and refraction, then human birth only speaks of biology. Any one witnessing either with a open spirit can see the hand of God, who provides for us out of His great love, mercy and patience.
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Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm greatful for the Sun, the glory of it's rays, n having the eyesight allowing me the free pleasure of the Sun's daily show... God's creations are amazing, so are your pics of it!

Anna said...

What is Minerva? You had left a comment on my blog and I wasnt sure what that was....

:) Have a good one.

David said...

to Anna, Minerva is and is a MUST read.

Vintage Girl said...

You are an awesome photographer too, David!

I look forward to seeing more. I think I'll go check out your other blogs too.

Thanks for the comments!

Vintage Girl

rashbre said...

A good, and thought provoking, post as I watch the sun rising here in England.

And hello, Michele sent me!


Undercover Angel said...

Very thought provoking! Beautiful!

Michelle says hi!

srp said...

Hello, Michele sent me today.
My daughter and I went down to the Atlantic beachfront on the third of January just at dusk. The sunset was to be at 5PM and the moonrise at 5:05 PM. It was a clear sky and a full moon. I've been there for the sunrise and been moved by the grandeur and I've seen the sun set behind the western mountains and across the central plains and seen the Glory of God. But never before had I seen a full moon rise over the vast ocean, soft, mysterious and with a quiet shimmer. It revealed another facet of God; His quiet and forever faithful love.

Desiree said...

That was very beautiful and so meaningful!

Tracey said...

Beautifully said, David. And with all the rain we've had here I'm anxiously awaiting the rainbows! (There must be several, because there's been a LOT of rain, lol!)

Carol said...

beautiful David....