Sept 11, 2001 Never forget

as part of project 2996 I am Honoring:

Francisco Alberto Liriano who was at the WTC

you were 32 - your life was just coming into its fullness
you had many reasons to be glad that day
Your strong wife, your beautiful daughter
and a job at the top of the world.
They took that away, but they did not
take away the memory of what a beautiful person you were.
Your family misses you today, and every day
and all America mourns the 2996.
May you rest in peace, Francis.

In the night when the sirens sound
on the street below
I pray for someone
that I do not know

Lord help the rescuer
and the one needing help
get them through this time
let them know how much you love them.

I have my life
others do not
I hug my kids
but this man may not

Make me know the greatness
of the gift of life
and the joy of living in a great nation
full of beautiful strong people.

God, Bless America!

remember all 2996 of the fallen
in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93
please pray for the families and friends who are missing their loved ones.
Remind others, so our fellow citizens know
this terrible thing will not be allowed to
become '"Just another disaster"


Miss Chris said…
A wonderful tribute. Please stop by my blog to pay tribute to Debbie Paris.
Jayleigh said…
David, an awesome tribute of a victim of terror. Thank you for doing your part.
TNChick said…
May they never be forgotten. A nice tribute to this fallen one.May he rest in peace and his family find peace, if they haven't already.

my tribute post is up at my place
TNChick said…
Thank you for honoring another fallen. May Charlie's family have peace during this anniversary.
honestyrain said…
what a beautiful tribute. lovely.
brian said…
Thank you for posting this tribute today and for showing a real person behind the numbers.

Please stop by my tribute post for Gilbert and leave a link and comment so that others can come here to read.
A wonderful tribute.
eph2810 said…
What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for honoring and remembering Francisco.
I really saddens me that many people died in this cruel attack. May they all rest in peace.

Mine is up now too.
Sue said…
A fantastic tribute...thank you for sharing Franciso's story and giving him a voice.
Jody said…
A wonderful tribute.
Smooth said…
What a moving tribute. Thank you for stopping by Smooth Stone to read my tribute to Welles Remy Crowther, age 24.
Kate said…
Lovely tribute. I'm proud to be a part of the 2996 family with you.
Lisa M. said…
Beautiful tribute. David, what an incredible experience this has been.

Thank you, for your participation.

What a neat person Francisco Liriano was.

He'll always be remembered.
Teena said…
What a lovely tribute! Thank you for honouring Franscisco.

Mine's up.
Malinda777 said…
Francisco, may you rest in peace. Wonderful tribute. WE WILL NEVER FORGET! Today I remember Thomas Foley
Bec said…
A stunning tribute. Thank you for sharing this woth all of us.
Barbara said…
A wonderful tribute to an innocent victim.
Snaggle Tooth said…
I was here in the a.m., but didn't comment yet... needed zzz's again.

Looks like ya did double-duty for the day!
Beautiful poem, for a wonderful n missed person,
Francisco Loriano, now known by many more.

So many tributes, so many tears in one day. May there be prayers for each one!
Katherine said…
That was a beautiful tribute - thanks for remembering this wonderful person.
peppypilotgirl said…
What a lovely poem and so fitting.
May his family and friends know they are held in the hearts of many.

I remember Brooke David Rosenbaum.
David said…
Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit this week. 9/11 affected this country all over again. I doubt it will go away for many years and it should not.

Austin, Tx

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