Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazing love, how can it be

Eternity in time sized chunks

There is such joy in knowing that I am an eternal being as I lay here not asleep and half dream of a thousand nonsensical things. I do not need to go back ward into the dark or forward to find light. All are connected to me in the warm safe comfortable instant when I feel only the weight of my body pressing down on the mattress, hear only the tick of a clock measuring my breath like a cosmic metronome, and when my eyes choose to open, see the barest hint of gray in the pre-dawn sky.
You are with me, and I exist in you. Because you made me to go on, I will. Since you know where we are going I am not afraid. It was you, Father, who brought me through the many days of complete ignorance, you are also well able to complete me in these days of utter awareness. I can finally be! My completion, my wholeness and my spiritual health was never dependent on me, but on you.

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