Saturday, November 18, 2006

practice writing

The joys and difficulty of having attention deficit disorder (ADD) are many. I have many projects that are unfinished. I have many dreams yet to be fulfilled.
My dreams are vibrant and colorful and full of life. The joys I cannot experience in the real world are drawn out on canvas of my mind. When hope is not found in my everyday,
I place them in a basket called ‘tomorrow’. I love my life, in part, becasue I never know what’s coming next. I do know that God is good, my family loves me, and no one has ever lived the life that I am living. It’s up to me to enjoy this day and to make from it memories, and a real contribution to the happiness and meaningfulness of the world I live in.

The coming of the day was announced by the graying of the black sky in anticipation of a glorious sunrise. Since my camera was not ready, the batteries were dead, I simply enjoyed the show in silence and let the beauty of another day in its infancy wash over my eyes. The quacking of the ducks, and they’re splashing in the pond nearby reminded me that the winter is late in coming and that the Indian summer is a blessing, time for me to catch up on the work remaining outdoors before we get our first big snow.

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