Tuesday, January 16, 2007

rabbit tracks

I have a (semi) pet bunny
named "scooter", since that is how quick he moves. He has been coming to visit my back yard for over a year ( maybe others, too, but you know how they all look alike).
I put out water for the birds but the squirrels and Scooter enjoy it too. I have bought rabbit pellets ( alfalfa) and put those in safe places around the yard where a hawk will not likely swoop down and carry him away for dinner. This is his food spot in the front yard. The fence and trees give him some security while he eats.
I am a nut, no wonder the squirrels chase me! Posted by Picasa

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Snaggle Tooth said...

What a kind n caring heart you have to welcome the creatures n help them survive the cold!

I put more sunflower seed in the feeder out the kitchen window, myself. I've been too hurried to keep up the squirrel tree-nooks this week, I tend to do it more in the snow. I've just thrown stuff out the window-
but no snow yet!
Only one freezing day this week- like was 0 windchill, 13F on Weds.
Now back up to 40 with rain-

There's tons of hawks here too- I won't even let the cats out...

I used to have a pet Dutch-bunny as a kid. There's none around home lately- alot of skunks n oppossums tho- Guess they're not fav on the Hawk's menu...