Sunday, October 08, 2006

why I don't love Dr. Stihl

I am up before 5 am arguing with myself, again
while my other blog is rolling along in the land of "I don't have a care in the world"
I must admit that there are pressures and concerns in my life that are not alleviated by the skilful use of a chainsaw, or the dull thumping of a splitting maul hitting another piece of eucalyptus.
It was very cold yeaterday morning but I ratcheted myself out the door a few minutws after 8 am. This was good. I moved firewood even though the teperature thing said it was 27 or 30 degrees. I stopped in at my mom's to see how she was. Seems she was doing somewhat better, and had the fire started, so I just added some more pieces to the pile next to her (workhorse of a ) woodstove. I drove a couple miles and loaded up some more of the red eucalyptus that I had split a month ago, and brought it home. I was working up to actually GOING TO WORK. Carpenter work, paying work, fine detail stuff that requires that I care, that I can see, that I can reach over my head on an eight foot ladder and keep all the gaps UNDER 1/8 inch.
If i were in charge of me ( and not the geo political powers and the international bankers) I would be enrolled at Wooden Boat School, learning something ancient and mostly useless. For fun I would make rustic frames for mirrors out of seasoned juniper limbs ( already cut and waiting in my back yard) and then for gifts I would learn again ( what my sister showed me almost 40 years ago) to throw pottery on the wheel ( in my driveway) and fire it in the beautiful unused Kiln at Gary's house.
What a surprise I am dreaming... at 5:38 am... I can see my bed, I am not in it. I am awake, but still dreaming. I would call Dr. Stihl, but I know pretty much what he would say ( since he is my invention), and I think he takes off Sundays.

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