Friday, September 22, 2006

Boycott CItgo

Citgo must be punished for the rude remarks by the so-called President of Venezuela. No more of our US dollars funding this fat cat's regime. Hugo Chavez can say any thing he wants, but please let him do it on the streets of his own cities. He wants to give a thousand gallons of heating fuel away? Give it to someone who cares. This thug is a showman and enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, but I hear the clock ticking, and imagine Pat Robertson sneaking up behind him to 'whack' him. Ok I am having fun, here. Seriously, Boycott ALL Citgo stations ( in my state 7-11) and if you are not sure ask the people inside where they buy the gas from. ( they won't know but it will give you a chance to rant about their not caring if we all end up being owned by a Marxist from Caracas.) Then you will have to tell them WHERE Caracas is! hahahaa
Oh did I say Boycott Citgo? yeah I did, and Yes I am.

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